Northlake Management was born from a shared vision between two commercial multifamily development companies, Daly Partners and Metropolitan Homes. Our founding was fueled by a mutual discontent with the state of property management, leading to the establishment of Northlake Management.

As a dedicated residential property management company, our unwavering focus is on delivering excellence in the critical aspects that matter most to property owners and tenants alike. Our commitment revolves around six core principles:

Responsiveness: We pride ourselves on our prompt and attentive communication, ensuring that the needs of our clients and tenants are addressed swiftly and efficiently.

Reliability: Our team consistently delivers on our promises, fostering trust and confidence in our management services.

Problem-solving: We proactively identify and resolve potential issues, minimizing disruptions and maintaining a smooth operation of your property.

Attention to detail: We meticulously manage every aspect of your property, from maintenance and repairs to financial reporting and tenant relations.

Consistency: Our management approach is unwavering, providing you with a stable and dependable partnership.

Accuracy: We maintain precise records and financial reporting, giving you a clear and transparent view of your property’s performance.

With decades of collective experience in multifamily asset management, development, and ownership throughout the Northwest, the Northlake Management team brings a deep understanding of building operations, strategic management, and goal setting. Our firsthand knowledge of the challenges property owners face when partnering with management companies is invaluable. This insight allows us to anticipate and proactively address potential issues before they escalate, ensuring a smooth and efficient management process that maximizes your investment and minimizes your stress.