At Northlake, we understand that your property is a multi-million dollar business, and we treat it as such. We believe that creating enjoyable and usable spaces is key to long-term success, as tenants make conscious choices based on the culture and philosophy of the property. Bottom line success is paramount, and we excel at enhancing your investments by delivering exceptional tenant experiences and implementing effective long-term revenue maximization strategies.

We’ve Been in Your Shoes

As longtime owners, operators, and asset managers, we truly understand things from that perspective in addition to the property management and tenant side. Where difficulties can arise, what to stay ahead of, what to keep owners updated on. A dissatisfaction with the performance of property management companies is what led us to start Northlake, and our goal is to eliminate those problems to get all components of a multifamily building moving smoothly together.

Local Expertise

With our team’s deep roots and extensive experience in the Puget Sound region, we possess the knowledge and understanding to navigate regional complexities, ensure compliance with local regulations, and drive your property’s success in this unique market. With all team members residing in the heart of Seattle, we are always just a stone’s throw away.

Construction Background

Capital improvements or renovation projects are often crucial components of maximizing the value of your investment property. Northlake Management’s team brings many years of experience and expertise to the table, having successfully initiated and completed over $350 million in new construction projects. With our extensive network of trusted contractors, suppliers, and professionals, we possess the knowledge, industry connections, and skills necessary to handle projects of any size and scope, ensuring high-quality workmanship and exceptional results that align with your vision and objectives.

Northlake Management Understands the Intangibles

Beyond the nuts and bolts there are many areas of management that, while difficult to quantify, has a big impact. Northlake focuses on helping a building become part of the neighborhood, creating a safe, stable, and positive culture within the building and tenant base, and listening to tenants for feedback and experiences.