Northlake Management is a premier property management company that understands the crucial role of the daily services we provide in ensuring the smooth operation of your building. However, we also strongly believe that our core service and expertise lie in enhancing the value of your investment. We are committed to taking care of your tenants by delivering an exceptional experience, unparalleled service, and meticulous attention to detail. Moreover, we take a step back to examine the broader perspective and overall strategy for maintaining the asset and maximizing revenue in the long run.

Development Feasibility

With a combined experience of developing over 1,200 units and owning and operating more than 2,000, Northlake Management’s team possesses the unique expertise to provide financial analysis and advisory services.



The small things can make a big difference. Northlake Management is here to help to make sure tenant experience is optimized, with the goal of exceeding tenant expectations and delivering the best possible living experience.


Property Management

At Northlake Management, our approach to property management is grounded in building strong relationships and treating each property as the unique and important investment asset that it is to you. Northlake Management is adaptable, agile, and proactive in the efforts and activities we undertake with our clients to achieve their goals. We view every property under our management through this lens, recognizing its significance and potential.


Asset Management

A comprehensive asset management plan is crucial for attaining the property’s objectives, including financial performance, maintenance upkeep, and tenant satisfaction. Whether the plan is derived from ownership directives and implemented by Northlake Management, or one that we develop internally, it serves as a roadmap for the building’s success.

Capital Improvements

Capital improvement or renovation projects can often be an integral part of maximizing the value of your investment. Northlake Management’s team has initiated and completed over $9M in capital improvements and $350M in new construction and has the knowledge, connections, and skills to not only advise on the value of any improvements, but to complete projects of any size.